Friday, June 29, 2012

Thing #19 Blogging, Ning and Teacherpop

I am now a member of TeacherPop which I think is great because ti connects me to fellow students and prior students. this can help me prepare to become more successful in college and when I become and as an educator. Also once I become a teacher I can connect to fellow teachers and hep mentor teacher candidates. So TeacherPop is a valuable resource for any Education student as well as myself. 

Blog One Last Thing...

I was able through this exercise to learn resources that I can use in once I become a teacher in my classroom. I did not realize their is so many different resources, such as all the tools Google has developed. I will try to keep up with this Blog and also use the tools in the future. And I do intend on using this Blog in my classroom to at least keep my student's parents informed about what their child is learning.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thing #23 End at the starting point please. (Blog)

I did an internet search to see where the 23 things probably originated from Which I found using the Google search engine, with the creative commons license of Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Which means that you have to give the original author the credit, its application most be non-commercial and it must be shared under the same license type. The importance of Creative Commons for teachers is educating their students on what they can and cannot alter, transform, or build upon based on its copyright (which does not allow any changes without the author's consent) and the different creative commons licenses that the student might use in a school related project.

Thing #22 Blog Organization: LiveBinders

  • What are the titles of your binders? 
    • Each binder had the title of education along with a description related to something in the field of world history
  • .Discuss how you might use LiveBinders in the classroom, including possible lesson ideas for students:
    • It can be used for project research for your students, it can be used as reference material or a fact checker. 

Thing #21 Animoto Blog

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

This was a fun "thing" to do, and it was pretty simple. The way that it is set up makes it really easy to use. I like that it allows for you to upload your own music as well as videos to include. I can see a teacher can create a video that can be used in the classroom.  

Thing #20 YouTube the Blog

I like YouTube because you can find just about anything on there from music to movie clips. The thing I don't like is what you have to be cautious about whenever someone manipulates the video and instead of say watching a preview that it started with you are watching something dull or boring because someone wanted to play a prank. The video I selected was because I thought it was funny (but be warned you will have to stop it to read some of the questions to understand the answer). I can see the application of it as a means to educate.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thign #18 The Blog of Social Networking

Social Networking has become an institution in our society, from politicians to students everyone is connecting to each other through social media websites. It is important for teachers to know how to use it because it can be a useful tool. It can connect you with other teachers in your school district, with the parents of your students and even with your students themselves. Its application in the classroom can be tremendous as you can link students to groups pertaining to your subject or you can connect them to individuals who have lived the history. For example you can connect them to a group that teaches people about the Holocaust or allows you students to interview a Holocaust survivor. I am biased towards Facebook because before this class I only had a Facebook page and still am learning Twitter. The only dislike, which has resulted in less activity on Facebook,  I have is the fact that some people have a tendency to over share their vents of frustration, subject matter I don't want/need to know about them or personal views and I unfortunately am related to a numerous amount of those types of people and blocking them only seems to make them angry at me.