Monday, June 25, 2012

Thign #18 The Blog of Social Networking

Social Networking has become an institution in our society, from politicians to students everyone is connecting to each other through social media websites. It is important for teachers to know how to use it because it can be a useful tool. It can connect you with other teachers in your school district, with the parents of your students and even with your students themselves. Its application in the classroom can be tremendous as you can link students to groups pertaining to your subject or you can connect them to individuals who have lived the history. For example you can connect them to a group that teaches people about the Holocaust or allows you students to interview a Holocaust survivor. I am biased towards Facebook because before this class I only had a Facebook page and still am learning Twitter. The only dislike, which has resulted in less activity on Facebook,  I have is the fact that some people have a tendency to over share their vents of frustration, subject matter I don't want/need to know about them or personal views and I unfortunately am related to a numerous amount of those types of people and blocking them only seems to make them angry at me.


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