Friday, June 22, 2012

Thing #14 Flowcharts and Blogging Mind Maps

   In this we had to look at and at least test two websites one for flow charts and one for mind maps. I have used and tried flowcharts before. They are great tools for showing an organized flow of information. Mind maps, without knowing, I have used before when trying to generate ideas for papers. Mind Maps are organized chaos in the way they do not have the structured flow of a flow chart yet they are very useful in allowing someone to organize a series of thoughts for such things as writing a paper, trouble shooting, or any activity that may involve having to explore ideas or creative solutions.   The two websites I checked out were and and both sites would be useful for teachers and student as it gives access to flowchart and mind map tools and they are specific for the two types. I tested and found out that you can use their mind maps without having to sign up, which I did anyway. i also tested and both of them were easy to use and I was able to see the potential for their use in the classroom.

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