Monday, June 25, 2012

Thing #16 Get Blogging Organized with Web 2.0 Tools

  • Which start page did you choose? Why did that one appeal to you? Will you make it your permanent home page?
Eilean Donan, Scotland is the page I chose because it was a nice historic theme. I am lazy so more then likely it won't change anytime soon.
  •  How can the online calendars be useful to you?
Well I try to be very well organized, as it has led to some failures of mine in the past. Having something that you can access from any computer or smartphone makes it less of a problem then if you left your daily planner at home. 
  • What about the to-do lists—helpful, too much work…?
 Well it depends if it is something that you may forget then it is useful, however if it is something that can become tedious if over used. 
  • Did you find a tool that has some uses for you at the school or at home? Which tool(s) would you recommend to others?
I did not find anything that really sticks out at the moment, I did find things to distract me which might not be so good. Netflix has a widget and there is also a joke of the day widget that might get me distracted and possibly in trouble. 

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