Friday, June 8, 2012

Thing #1 Blog Habits for Lifelong Learning

     After viewing Seven and 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners I realized that the easiest habit for me is Habit #2. Which is accept responsibility for your own learning. The reason why this is the easiest for me is this is not my first time in college, my first time ended as a complete failure. Through that and the lessons I learned through the school of hard knocks is that you have to be responsible for the decisions that you make (both good and bad). In other words it is a habit I have already learned the hard way.
     The hardest habit for me is view problems as a challenge, I have to admit I get frustrated way to easily. I have my own way of working through problems which usually involves me grumbling about the problem as I work through it, and I can see how this habit can get me more positive in motivation to solve a problem. And that is if you look at it as a challenge then as a barrier it can turn it into something fun or a least a little more tolerable.

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