Friday, June 8, 2012

Thing #2 Attack of the Blog

How did you decide on your posting name and the name of your blog?
     I chose my posting name and name of my blog by realizing it is a project for a class so it has to be something appropriate and something that would make it recognizable as mine and not someone else.
What was your experience in creating the blog? Was it hard for you or easy? Why?
       I had a good experience in creating a blog, it was fun being able to look at the options on what it would look like. I have been around computers for the better part of my life so it wasn't difficult especially when you have step by step instructions. 
How does your avatar reflect your personality? Did you create an avatar that looks like your real self or someone totally different? Why?  
     My avatar reflects my personality as I am a happy go lucky person who likes to have fun. My avatar is meant to look like me but it would seem like he has more hair then I do. I wanted to create a avatar image of myself so that it makes my blog that much more individualistic.   

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