Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thing #4 The Whole Blogging Community.

Explain why commenting helps create a sense of community and interaction-
By commenting on another persons post you can engage more then just you and that individual in a conversation. It has the possibility of engaging several people with similar interests and can connect you with these other people who may be able to have input you could use or just appreciate.
Discuss two other points from the readings about commenting that you found important.
The kindly criticize that is found on Cool Cat Teacher Blog I thought was something that was important for all of use to understand. From the chat rooms, social networks and other sources we have all seen or experienced the person(s) who feel that their whole duty in life is to harass everyone. I feel that if you do disagree or want to correct  a mistake not only online but in any setting you should find a way to correct/comment in a manner that would be respectful. Also the Cool Cat Teacher Blog talks about meaningful comments, because if you want to participate in a conversation not only online but in person you don't want to just comment using one or two word phrases. Online communication should be treated the same way you would engage a person in a one on one conversation. 
... More to come. 
5 group comments.
 I choose to comment on each post as either to agree, make suggestions to possible educational applications and/ or The actual comments are contained in the links.
2 other comments.
I chose these two blogs to comment on because they are in my field of study. I commentated in response to the subject matter.

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