Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thing #9 Blogging Image Generators

This is probably the funnest thing yet. I downloaded a goofy image of myself from Facebook (note: I did not willing have this posted online). Then I followed the link in D2L that took me to the website I first went to the link that allowed me to add a figure (noticing the look on my face in the picture), where I followed the steps and found this image of Daffy Duck. Once I got the image all i had to do was play around with the fototrix tools. Once i got the image the way I liked it I went and saved the image to the computer. Then I went back and found a magazine cover that matched the picture and there you have it. This would be a good way to introduce something in the classroom that will make the students laugh or you could use it as a reward for your students. There are many that I can see in the classroom and when it comes to my personal life I can use it to tease my friends and family (muhahahaha -----> Digital Evil Laugh)

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  1. For some reason the phrase "You're despicable" comes to mind.That's pretty good! I have to say, the image generator has been my favorite "thing" by far.